Customize your fragrance!

Because they have been formulated with the same olfactory structure, they are also intended to be worn together.

Olibanum thus revives the playful art of layering, the traditional Middle Eastern practice of superimposing several perfumes to create a unique and personal trail that can be changed at will, depending on whether it is cool or warm outside, whether you are in a seductive or serenely introspective mood.

Also take pleasure in using each fragrance separately.

Even if they layer, each one remains an exceptional composition in its own right.


Set da comporre

Ascolta il tuo istinto e crea la tua firma olfattiva personale scegliendo da 2 a 5 flaconi da 12 ml da indossare da soli o in combinazione. Te lo promettiamo: nessuno avrà il tuo stesso profumo!

Compose your set!