Customize your fragrance!

Layering refers to the traditional Japanese ritual of applying several skin care products to benefit from different virtues. Nowadays, the term acquired a wider meaning and is also used to describe the simultaneous layer of several fragrances.

Olibanum perfumes have been designed in a way that it is possible to overlay them.

By layering various perfumes, Olibanum renews, rekindles and reproduces the mood of the moment, all while intensifying the lastingness and sillage of your personal blend. There is one rule: follow your intuition!


Composition set

A discovery set, by and for you. Listen to your inner voice and curate your own personal and evolutive scent signature by choosing 2 to 5 12ml bottles. You can wear them alone or try your hand at layering them, so that no one can wear the same fragrance as you.

compose your set!

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