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Size 50 ml.

An energising splash of bitter leaves and aquatic herbs.

A calming boost to wear when life’s a mess.


Admire Mother-Nature from a mountain peak.


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What's maté?

Mate is the traditional beverage of the Tupi-Guarani Indians made from the leaves of the ilex paraguariensis tree. Called mate by the conquistadors, from the Quechua name of the calabash used to prepare it (mati), mate has been known in Central America for thousands of years. Used for its purifying and energising properties but also by shamans for divination rituals, mate was severely condemned by the Church in the 17th century, which did not curb its use. Its arrival in perfumery is quite recent and classifies it in the herbaceous notes alongside hay and tea, which is why we’ve lifted it with a touch of aquatic mint and a green fig accord.

The detail that makes the difference

Ultra invigorating spearmint that awakens and modernises the herbaceous Maté.


Customize your fragrance!

Because they have been formulated with the same olfactory structure, they are also intended to be worn together.

Olibanum thus revives the playful art of layering, the traditional Middle Eastern practice of superimposing several perfumes to create a unique and personal trail that can be changed at will, depending on whether it is cool or warm outside, whether you are in a seductive or serenely introspective mood.

Use Maté's minty head notes to tonify Vétiver or to lend an aquatic freshness to Cuir végétal.


Composition set

A discovery set, by and for you. Listen to your inner voice and curate your own personal and evolutive scent signature by choosing 2 to 5 12ml bottles. You can wear them alone or try your hand at layering them, so that no one can wear the same fragrance as you.

Compose your set!

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Discovery set

Choose the samples the tempt you among our collection of 18 fragrances, to tame then at your own pace.


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Committed tote bag

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What is the Olibanum Tote Bag for?
To carry your Olibanum fragrances of course, but also to participate in the brand’s commitment. In addition to being a 100% organic cotton bag woven in France, each sale made is entirely donated to one of the associations with which we are committed.

100% Cotton Tote Bag

Material: 100% organic cotton bag, woven in France.
Dimensions: 40 X 40 X 19 cm, two handles of 70 x3 cm
Weight: 300 gr, thick cotton.
Color: Ecru

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