At Olibanum in each perfume, olibanum essence blends with an emblematic raw material of perfumery to highlight it.
Each and every ingredient of the product has undergone careful evaluation in order to minimize its environmental impact.


Our formulas

Our formulas are elaborated with ethical natural ingredients, clean synthetic molecules and organic alcohol made in France.
When possible, our natural raw materials come from conservation and/or giving back programs, (see our glossary).


Our bottles

The flacons are made of a glass that is 40 % lighter, which means less material required for production along with a reduction in emissions, logistics and transportation. The screws are easily removed from the pump, thus making each flacon completely recyclable.


Our caps

Well, there isn’t! We have chosen not to use a cap, opting for a security clip instead, thus eliminating the production of an added component while also avoiding evaporation of the perfume inadvertently.


Our boxes

They are made of recycled cardboard, are recyclable, unaltered, unbleached and unvarnished. This cardboard is obviously further recyclable.


Paste and ink

We only use glue and water-based ink that are solvent-free.


Carbon footprint

We ensure to minimize the carbon footprint of our supply chain by opting for local partners, like Accords & Parfums in Grasse, which produces most of our perfume oils.

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