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Size 50 ml.

Mineral resins warmed up by a touch of fir balsam. The original perfume.

To sharply contrast your seeming ingenuity.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life.


A 2ml sample is sent with every 50ml bottle, so you can test your fragrance before opening!

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What does Sacra mean?

Olibanum is the resin obtained from the incision of trees of the Boswellia genus, present from the south of the Arabian Peninsula to Kenya and India. Of all these, the Sacra variety, endemic to the Sultanate of Oman, is historically the most renowned, both for its mineral, lemony and minty fragrance and for its therapeutic virtues. It is this resin that spurred the creation of the Incense Routes. It has also been used for millennia in Vedic, Sumerian, Egyptian, Roman, Hebrew and Christian religious rituals. It is therefore not by chance that our "totem perfume" is called Sacra.

The detail that makes the difference

The Fir Balsam Absolute whose fruity note brings a touch of modernity.


Composition set

A spray of Sacra will magnify any of the other Olibanum fragrances.
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Discovery set

Choose the samples the tempt you among our collection of 18 fragrances, to tame then at your own pace.


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Committed tote bag

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What is the Olibanum Tote Bag for?
To carry your Olibanum fragrances of course, but also to participate in the brand’s commitment. In addition to being a 100% organic cotton bag woven in France, each sale made is entirely donated to one of the associations with which we are committed.

100% Cotton Tote Bag

Material: 100% organic cotton bag, woven in France.
Dimensions: 40 X 40 X 19 cm, two handles of 70 x3 cm
Weight: 300 gr, thick cotton.
Color: Ecru

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